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            Virtual Field Trips

            Engage your students in Central Park’s history, design, and management... virtually!

            The Central Park Conservancy offers virtual field trips for grades 4–12, each led by an experienced Central Park Conservancy guide.?

            Offered through Zoom or Google Meets, our engaging series of virtual field trips can?be booked?Monday through Friday starting at?either 10:00 am or 11:00 am (subject to availability).?Programs last 45 or 60 minutes, depending on teacher preference, and consist of a pre-reading and a post-program activity for teachers to implement on their own.?Please note that time frames are firm, and we are unable to extend sessions for late starts.?Capacity per time slot is limited to 30 individuals.?We request that?programs are?booked no less than two weeks prior to the program date.??

            Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.??

            All virtual field trips are free through February 28, 2021.?In lieu of payment, participating teachers are required to complete a post-program survey.??

            Program Offerings:??

            Discover Seneca Village:?Using documents, artifacts, and photographs, students will learn about Seneca Village, a primarily African-American community that existed prior to the creation of Central Park.?
            Grades 4–12

            Designing Central Park:?Why does Central Park look the way it does??Students will learn about the competition to design Central Park and explore some of the entries,?including the winning Greensward plan.?They will then?learn how Central Park has changed over time and consider what parks should look like today.?
            Grades 4–12?

            Central Park's Systems:?Restoring Central Park was no small task. Students will learn about the history of the Central Park Conservancy. Then, acting as landscape architects, they will?explore?some of the design and restoration challenges faced in the early years of Central Park’s restoration.??
            Grades 9–12?

            How to book virtual field trip:??

            • Request a virtual field trip?by?completing?the Virtual Field Trip Request Form.
            • After you receive an email from the?Central Park Conservancy?with available dates and times, please respond to complete your reservation.
            • Check your final confirmation letter and share the Virtual Field Trip?Responsibilities?with your students, parents/guardians, and co-teachers.

            We look forward to?exploring Central Park with you!